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As an accountability and resiliency keynote speaker and trainer; I promise you an energized and impactful event.  Your team’s interaction is key to successful learning and systemic change.  Every keynote and training program will be customized for your organization and your employees. I promise a memorable event. After 30 years in law enforcement, you can’t make this stuff up! I promise your team will leave with actionable and memorable skills learned.  

The Accountability Cop!

Matthew Brandt is an accountability and resiliency keynote speaker and trainer who speaks internationally on his proprietary program titled; Authority=Action=Accountability®.  Understanding accountability and resiliency in one simple process that any member of your team can understand and be successful with.  After nearly three decades learning some very difficult lessons, I understand how and where emotions fit into difficult conversations. If anyone on your team is struggling to navigate how to lead with accountability, how to understand where resiliency and mental health awareness fits into your leaders repertoire of skills, or struggle with employees in a timely fashion; you need the Accountability Cop!

Learn what value three decades as a street cop can bring your organization in how to deal with difficult people and resiliency within your organization.  Matthew Brandt has a story that is unique and memorable.  From the White House and leading at the highest level of federal law enforcement, to dealing with multiple suicides and resiliency on the front lines, he will inspire and motivate your team at every engagement.


Mental Health Awareness and Your TeamMatthew Brandt, Resiliency, Suicide, Mental Health Awareness, Leadership, Lead, Keynote speaker, Trainer

How does mental health awareness and your team fit into your larger organization today?

The Center for Disease Control states 31% of all adults today suffer from some form of anxiety or depression.  That’s 31% of your family,  the neighbors that live around you and more importantly maybe, 31% of your organization.

As many as 26% of people today are suffering from some form of trauma or stressor related symptoms and disorders. Equally difficult to understand is 11% of adults have considered suicide as an option to their problems.  Why does this matters to you and your leadership team?

As a Navy veteran, and one that has dealt with these issues, I assure you mental health awareness matters.  Those organizations which embrace and understand how mental health impacts its employees, will better lead their organizations.  Organizations that show their employees through empathy and understanding of mental health issues will build stronger, more resilient organizations.

Matthew is on a mission to help his fellow veterans, law enforcement officers and organizations interested in tackling these difficult and uncomfortable discussions.