Mental Health Awareness and Your Team

Mental Health Awareness and Your TeamMatthew Brandt, Resiliency, Suicide, Mental Health Awareness, Leadership, Lead, Keynote speaker, Trainer

How does mental health awareness and your team fit into your larger organization today?

The Center for Disease Control states 31% of all adults today suffer from some form of anxiety or depression.  That’s 31% of your family,  the neighbors that live around you and more importantly maybe, 31% of your organization.

As many as 26% of people today are suffering from some form of trauma or stressor related symptoms and disorders. Equally difficult to understand is 11% of adults have considered suicide as an option to their problems.  Why does this matters to you and your leadership team?

As a Navy veteran, and one that has dealt with these issues, I assure you mental health awareness matters.  Those organizations which embrace and understand how mental health impacts its employees, will better lead their organizations.  Organizations that show their employees through empathy and understanding of mental health issues will build stronger, more resilient organizations.

Matthew is on a mission to help his fellow veterans, law enforcement officers and organizations interested in tackling these difficult and uncomfortable discussions.