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Does Anyone Count On You?

By Matthew G. Brandt
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Does Anyone Count on You? The answer to that simple question is an obvious yes!  Even if you are single, no relatives, no co-workers, no kids….nothing….you’re a complete hermit….there is always YOU that counts on YOU being there every day.

You see even though sometimes I and others talk plenty about accountability in many venues; work, home, family, volunteering, social groups and so on, we sometimes forget that individually we are dependent upon ourselves for so much.

Take For Granted

We often take for granted that some people have real troubles doing simple things like personal care, physical exercise, balanced and controlled eating habits, self-discipline in some form or another, whatever a person’s vice is.   For some it’s food, for others it’s their Iphone….for some it’s failing to simply take care of themselves every day.

We are accountable to ourselves first and foremost.  It’s like the airline flight attendant’s advice to us on the plane; put your mask on first and then assist others…..if we don’t or can’t put our own mask on first, we may never get to help anyone else.

So even if you think nobody really counts on you….I would say that YOU count on YOU and we all should remember that!

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By Matthew