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Accountability and Resiliency

My story of accountability and resiliency was learned at the very young age of five, when my oldest brother Mark; a Wide Receiver for Ara Parseghian on the storied Notre Dame football team died in a tragic accident. The lessons I learned from this tragedy, helped shape my leadership accountability and resiliency acumen. 

Elite U.S. Navy Ceremonial Guard

After High School I joined the elite U.S. Navy Ceremonial Guard; assigned to President Ronald Reagan’s White House staff and Arlington National Ceremony. I’ve participated in several White House State dinners and more than 3000 military funerals.  I even had the privilege of flying on Air Force One!

As a street cop, I quickly learned that having the Authority to act and then taking Action; and holding people Accountable provided me the basis for leading that was simple.  I quickly learned it was also an easily teachable and a transferable skill to others.  Becoming an international accountability and resiliency keynote speaker and trainer was the obvious choice for me.

Today with nearly three decades as a Police Officer, I’ve led a variety of teams and units, including; robbery/homicide, gang and sex crime teams. With several years as a senior leader in the federal law enforcement arena, though I’ve struggled in many ways, I’ve also learned and sharpened skills and have been presenting them around the globe.  

Two Tragic Days

It wasn’t until not one, but two of my employees chose suicide as a final solution; leaving me to wonder what I had missed. In the first incident, I absolutely missed outward cries for help and personal resolution. The outcome was the tragic loss of a father, a son, a friend and vital part of our team.  The second employee actually called me on the phone to tell me he was sorry for what he was about to do, and then took his life while talking to me on the phone. My life has forever changed. 

My leadership story although inspiring has come with many personal struggles and obstacles.  It has however, taught me how to lead in the most difficult of times. I’ve learned that every leader and employee must understand the three tenants of Authority=Action=Accountability® of which the success of any accountable and resilient organization must be built upon.

Suicide Is Real

As a Navy veteran and law enforcement officer I’ve observed first hand, humanity at its worst.  Today, I lead with accountability and resiliency as my guide posts. Learn first of all to lead with the welfare of your team and their resiliency being your priority. Organization accountability is the mechanism that gets you there.  As a society we have become afraid to discuss mental health and wellness, especially the word “suicide.”  Leaders avoid it, employees turn away from it, and families fail to recognize the signs.  As leaders, we must learn to act when presented with these difficult moments.  Learn from my failures and successes how to build an accountable and resilient organization.  

I’m on a mission to help organizations build dream teams through accountability and resiliency.  If learning the true meaning of accountability and resiliency are your priorities, you need to; book Matthew Brandt-The Accountability Cop now!  
        Matthew Brandt, Accountability Cop, Accountability, Leadership Training, Leadership, Lead, Matthew Brandt, Accountability Cop, Accountability, Leadership, Lead, Leadership Training